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SNAP Version 4.2.1 Released
February 16, 2024
AptPlot 8.0.4 Updated
February 16, 2024
PyPost 4.0.3 Released
August 18, 2022

AptPlot - A Free Pure-Java 2D Plotting Tool

AptPlot is a free WYSIWYG 2D plotting tool designed for creating production quality plots of numerical data and performing data analysis. AptPlot contains extensive scripting and GUI support for the manipulation and analysis of data sets. AptPlot is intended to be a pure-Java drop-in replacement for the the Motif X-Window based Grace plotting package maintained by the Grace Team and coordinated by Evgeny Stambulchik.

AptPlot Overview

Read an overview of the AptPlot application and its features. A brief history of AptPlot is also presented.

Change Log

AptPlot 8.0.4 - released February 16, 2024:

  • AptPlot was updated to prompt the user to take a survey when opening the application.
  • Licensing and Copyright notice update.

AptPlot 8.0.3 - released May 22, 2023:

  • An issue has been resolved that could prevent plotting RELAP plot files.

AptPlot 8.0.2 - Internal Release:

AptPlot 8.0.1 - released April 29, 2022:

  • An issue has been resolved that could cause RELAP5 data channel names to sort incorrectly when de-multiplexed. The incorrect sorting would prevent plotting routines from plotting certain RELAP5 data channels.
  • The GOTHIC Plot file I/O routines have been updated to support GOTHIC v 8.4

AptPlot 8.0.0 - released October 29, 2021:

  • AptPlot is now packaged directly with SNAP along with the ACS Plug-in and PyPost.
  • The 'redraw' batch command now causes graphs to be redrawn immediately when run from the Commands window. Previously, multiple redraw commands could be collapsed together which caused the appearance of certain redraw commands to be ignored.