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SNAP Version 2.6.2 Released
August 16, 2018
AptPlot 6.8.0 Updated
February 19, 2018
PyPost 1.3.3 Released
February 19, 2018

Symbolic Nuclear Analysis Package

The Symbolic Nuclear Analysis Package (SNAP) consists of a suite of integrated applications designed to simplify the process of performing engineering analysis. SNAP is built on the Common Application Framework for Engineering Analysis (CAFEAN) which provides a highly flexible framework for creating and editing input for engineering analysis codes as well as extensive functionality for submitting, monitoring, and interacting with the codes.

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Getting Started

A guide to downloading and installing SNAP and its prerequisite software.


Read detailed users' manuals, tutorials, and other SNAP related materials.

SNAP Plug-ins

Find information about the various SNAP plug-ins available to users.

Technical Support

Technical support is available to CAMP members, NRC contractors and SNAP User's Group members.

Change Log

SNAP 2.6.2 - Released 8/16/2018

  • The Maximum Concurrent Jobs property in Configuration Tool can now be set to 10240 for very large clusters.
  • The Version Control tool bar in the main tool bar may now be hidden through the right-click pop-up menu on the main toolbar.
  • The value based comparison logic has been updated to handle comparing categories from the Navigator better. Refreshing the dialog will find new components in the category, and category node components will be included in the comparison.
  • An issue was resolved that caused an unsupported "Loops" category to appear as an option in the 2D View Insertion Tool menu.
  • A series of standard editors provided by the core API have been updated to allow context selection.
  • The undo / redo logic for editing the legacy comment field for components has been updated to ensure changes may be undone and redone.
  • The ASCII view and validation display window now allow double clicking on context values to open the associated editors.
  • An issue was resolved in the "Trim Excess Canvas" 2D View feature that caused explicitly placed connection segments and points to be incorrectly translated.
  • The view component copy/paste logic has been updated to ensure that when an open view is copied between models, all of the drawn elements of that view are included if possible. Also, undoing a paste operation on a view will close the view.
  • The view component was updated to resolve an issue where undoing a change to the background color of an open view would not change the property view value.

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