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SNAP Version 4.2.1 Released
February 16, 2024
AptPlot 8.0.4 Updated
February 16, 2024
PyPost 4.0.3 Released
August 18, 2022

Symbolic Nuclear Analysis Package

The Symbolic Nuclear Analysis Package (SNAP) consists of a suite of integrated applications designed to simplify the process of performing engineering analysis. SNAP is built on the Common Application Framework for Engineering Analysis (CAFEAN) which provides a highly flexible framework for creating and editing input for engineering analysis codes as well as extensive functionality for submitting, monitoring, and interacting with the codes.

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Getting Started

A guide to downloading and installing SNAP and its prerequisite software.


Users' manuals, on-line instruction, tutorials, and other SNAP related materials.

SNAP Plug-ins

Find information about the various SNAP plug-ins available to users.

Technical Support

Technical support is available to CAMP members, NRC contractors and SNAP User's Group members.

Change Log

SNAP 4.3.0 - Released 6/18/2024:

  • An issue was found during automated testing which caused a large number of necessary comparisons to occur when building the list for NIF export. This would cause the GUI to seemingly lock up as the export numerics options was selected.
  • The ability to search through numerics with a filter has been added to the variable selection dialog.
  • A new dialog has been implemented for creating a numeric variable directly from the selection dialog.
  • A new dialog has been implemented for managing user-defined variables.
  • A stability issue was corrected which could put the ModelEditor in a locked state after submitting a model.
  • A new dialog has been implemented for displaying log files in the model editor.
  • The progress dialog when opening MED file has been updated to show progress.
  • The welcome screen now has a link to SNAP training videos.
  • The ASCII plug-in now supports using any application definition in the calculation server.
  • An issue was resolved that caused the Model Editor to crash when supplying a model to be opened on the command line.
  • A new toolbar button has been added to open the find component dialog.
  • The Multiple Object Selection Dialog was updated to have an updated look and feel, which includes striping the rows in the lists and supporting a filter.
  • Updated the look and feel of the generic table editing dialog.
  • Added the ability to add command line arguments for Black Box job steps from within the model editor.
  • Added the ability to place '${taskid}' tokens in the input and output filenames for a Black Box application definition. These tokens will be replaced with the Task Name upon submission.

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