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SNAP Version 2.6.0 Released
November 21, 2017
AptPlot 6.8.0 Released
December 1, 2017
PyPost 1.3.1 Released
February 7, 2018

Symbolic Nuclear Analysis Package

The Symbolic Nuclear Analysis Package (SNAP) consists of a suite of integrated applications designed to simplify the process of performing engineering analysis. SNAP is built on the Common Application Framework for Engineering Analysis (CAFEAN) which provides a highly flexible framework for creating and editing input for engineering analysis codes as well as extensive functionality for submitting, monitoring, and interacting with the codes.

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Change Log

SNAP 2.6.0 - Released 11/21/2017

  • Updated to Java 8. Starting with this version, Java 8 or newer is required. Bundled 1.8.0_152 JVM's are included for the 64-bit Windows and 64-bit Linux platforms.
  • Job Stream Sequences have been added to the Model Editor. These consist of a set of Job Streams that are executed in order. Individual Job Streams within the sequence can be run iteratively, to support analyses that require looping, convergence, or optimization. If looping behavior is required for a particular sequence then it can be repeated as separate "iterations" controlled by a user-defined Python Script. The script can be used to change variable values and to exit the loop.
    The Python scripts can also be used to set the file locations in External Files and File Sets by using Dynamic File Replacement. This allows Job Streams to be chained together using the output files of one stream as inputs for subsequent streams. Dynamic File Replacement allows the available files to be searched using a range of criteria including file type, keyword values, and iteration number.
    Please refer to the SNAP User's Manual for more information about Job Stream Sequences.
    A tutorial covering the new Job Stream Sequences is available here.
  • The Job Status Job Console used to display screen and log output for Job Streams and Sequences has been updated to include syntax highlighting for the log output display.
  • A minor issue was resolved in the component selection editor that prevented its font from matching that of the Property View.
  • Several significant optimizations were made to the "Grid Based Organizer" used to organize 2D Views for some plug-ins.
  • A message is now printed to the Model Editor screen file when opening an MED file that indicates the SNAP and plug-in version that saved the file.
  • An issue has been resolved that could cause saving a graphically editing restart case to lock the Model Editor.
  • The Apt Plot job step has been updated to support using an external file set as the source of plot files.
  • When pasting a large table into a SNAP tabular dialog, the mouse cursor will change to the system "waiting" cursor while the paste is occurring. This will only be noticeable when pasting extremely large sets of tabular data.
  • The validation display has been updated to resolve an issue where the display could show the incorrect values after a model value is changed.
  • An issue has been resolved that prevented the Navigator from updating component counts displayed for component categories when removing a component along with other related components.
  • The Calculation Server file accessor was updated to automatically start the local Calculation Server when it is required. This allows a "Check Stream" to verify the availability of files referenced by stream without starting the Calculation Server directly.
  • The parametric keywords created when using an external file set have been updated to exclude the shared parent directory of the selected files.
  • A relative path parsing issue was resolved in the file selectors used for by local file and local file set references from Job Stream External Files and File Sets.Tabular parametrics have been updated to support selecting string variables as independent variables.
  • The ASCII parametrics summary, typically included at the top of generated input files, has been updated to exclude the dependent variable heading line when there are no dependent variables.
  • An issue was resolved in which MATLAB Numeric Functions did not use the proper MATLAB installation as specified by the MATLAB Path in the SNAP Site Configuration Tool.
  • MATLAB Numeric Functions were updated to support version 2016b or newer.

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