Recent News
SNAP Version 4.2.1 Released
February 16, 2024
AptPlot 8.0.4 Updated
February 16, 2024
PyPost 4.0.3 Released
August 18, 2022

Software Projects

Symbolic Nuclear Analysis Package

The Symbolic Nuclear Analysis Package (SNAP) consists of a suite of integrated applications designed to simplify the process of performing engineering analysis. SNAP is built on the Common Application Framework for Engineering Analysis (CAFEAN) which provides a highly flexible framework for creating and editing input for engineering analysis codes as well as extensive functionality for submitting, monitoring, and interacting with the codes.


AptPlot - A Free Pure-Java 2D Plotting Tool

AptPlot is a free WYSIWYG 2D plotting tool designed for creating production quality plots of numerical data and performing data analysis. AptPlot contains extensive scripting and GUI support for the manipulation and analysis of data sets. AptPlot is intended to be a pure-Java drop-in replacement for the the Motif X-Window based Grace plotting package maintained by the Grace Team and coordinated by Evgeny Stambulchik.


PibTool and PibEdit

PibTool is a development tool used to generate source code for reading and writing platform independent binary (PIB) files. In this context, PIB files refer to a series of named blocks defined with one or more strongly typed attributes. PibTool creates Java classes (including JavaBean classes), documentation, and FORTRAN routines.

Additionally, PibEdit is bundled with PibTool. This application allows viewing and modifying the contents of a PIB file.


Test Suite Analyzer

The Test Suite Analyzer Tool (TSA) is designed to analyze a large set of input models for a given analysis code in order to provide a means of assessing test suite coverage. TSA builds an embedded SQL database customized to each analysis code froma metrics specification file, which indicates all of the components, attributes and enumerations specific to the analysis code. TSA then imports a set of metrics files, each containing a snapshot of the testable component options for a given model.



This interface provides the ability to access plot data from TRACE, COBRA-IE, RELAP5 and MELCOR files using MATLAB. Using the functions provided by the interface, a user can import data from a file directly into a MATLAB array. As an array, the data can be manipulated using all of the inherent functions of MATLAB. This plug-in is only supported in SNAP version 0.28.0 and later.

MATLAB can be found at


R5 Edit

The RELAP5 analysis code outputs a binary Restart Plot (RSTPLT) file that contains a series of records defining plot data and restart data. The R5Edit utility was designed to reduce the overall size of a RELAP5 restart-plot file by eliminating unnecessary restart and/or plot records.

Plot File Merge Utilities

These utility applications concatenate the plot records of a series of two or more plot files into a single file. It allows combining multiple files with identical header and data channels into a single file containing all data channel values, optionally discarding data from time ranges already written to the merged file.


PDF Cat merges a series of PDF files into a single file, preserving bookmarks from the inputs. The application can be run interactively in a graphical interface or as a command line utility.

TPR Diff

The TRACE Portable Restart (TPR) Diff utility allows a developer to see the differences between two TPR files by creating diffs of the two files. These diffs can be displayed via the graphical interface or in ASCII form by using the command line version.