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SNAP Version 2.6.1 Released
February 28, 2018
AptPlot 6.8.0 Updated
February 19, 2018
PyPost 1.3.3 Released
February 19, 2018

PARCS Plug-in

Purdue Advanced Reactor Core Simulator for reactor kinetics simulation.   The Purdue Advanced Reactor Core Simulator (PARCS) is a computer code that solves the time-dependent two-group neutron diffusion equation in three-dimensional Cartesian geometry using nodal methods to obtain the transient neutron flux distribution. The code may be used in the analysis of reactivity-initiated accidents in light water reactors where spatial effects may be important. It may be run in the stand-alone mode or coupled to other NRC thermal-hydraulic codes such as RELAP5 and TRACE.  Through coupling with TRACE, the capabilities for RAMONA, NRC's legacy kinetics code are recovered.

Change Log

Version 2.6.0 - Released 4/20/2018:

  • The PARCS plug-in has been updated to support code version 3.3.1. This version is available through the Input Version property of Model Options. The previous developmental version of PARCS has been labeled PARCS V 3.2 M21.