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August 16, 2018
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February 19, 2018
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February 19, 2018

RELAP5 to TRACE Conversion Plug-in

The RELAP5 to TRACE converter plug-in is a feature plug-in for SNAP that allows the semi-automatic conversion of RELAP5 models into TRACE models.  Each selected RELAP5 component is converted independently of the rest of the model, preserving component interrelations.  The conversion process results in a new TRACE model containing the converted components.

The R52TRACE Plug-in User's Manual contains instructions for using the R52TR plug-in to convert RELAP5 models into TRACE models.

An R52TRACE plug-in tutorial has also been created which steps the user through the process of converting a RELAP5 TYPPWR model to TRACE and displaying a comparison of the two models using a supplied animation mask.

Change Log

Version 3.2.5 - Released 8/8/2017:

  • Updated to work with TRACE Plug-in Version 3.8.4.