Recent News
SNAP Version 2.6.0 Released
November 21, 2017
AptPlot 6.8.0 Released
December 1, 2017
PyPost 1.3.0 Released
December 1, 2017


TRACE/SNAP 2005 Workshop Tutorial

This is a tutorial given at the March 2005 TRACE Workshop held in Potomac, MD. It includes a series of exercises for creating a simpleTRACE model, submitting it to the runtime, creating an animation display, component renodalization, view templates, restarts and working with jEdit.

Job Stream Sequences Tutorial

This tutorial describes how to couple multiple Job Streams together into Sequences and execute them. By working through this tutorial the user will learn how to create new Sequences, initialize variable values, perform a steering iteration, and use the output of one Job Stream as input to a second.